90 Cap DreamSRO| 90 Cap | Only CH | GO 24/2/2023

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Welcome to GamePvps
Welcome to DreamSRO,we will bring you back to the 90s.The most enjoyable goodtimes.
Grand Opening on 2/24/2023
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/up2YXxuT8U...
90Cap Chinese Only
In order to provide better gameplay for our players, the char inventory has been increased to the maximum and the pet has been expanded to 2 pages, thus providing the convenience of having more space!
We have added a variety of items widely used by players and relatively important for players who need it by performing certain activities, they can obtain from Coins or silks and thus achieve what they need to buy
Alchemy rate: +1 100% +2 75% +3 60% +4 45% +5 20% +6 10% +7 6% +8 4% +9 2% +10 1% +11 0% +12 0 %
There will be ADDITIONAL WHEN HAVE (+ 1% Stone lucky / + 4% Lucky from Avatar / + 5% from premium) "Example Plus +7 is 6% +1%elixirs +4%lucky dress+ 5% premium would give 16% chance"
Blues&Stats: will be a bit hard to get

Devil Spirit Rate: <+1 90% +2 70% +3 50% +4 30% +5 15%> (its maximum will be +5)
The Honor buff system is developed based on the Job system "For each kill that a player performs he will get a point and as a player dies he will lose a point" will also have a limit of 2 kills per Char and it will be every 6 hours to avoid abuse of the players.
Job Goods cost 30m
Jangan - Donwhang Profit 45m Gain 15m
Donwhang -Hotan Profit 50m Gain 20m
Jangan - Hotan Profit 67.5m Gain 37.5m
Special trade only in Tiger Mountain Twice a day 10am 8pm GMT+8(to Jangan Profit 50m gain 20m /to Donwhang Profit 60m Gain 30m /to Hotan 100m Gain 60m)
The Wanted system with powerful benefits to make your work experience unique. Here we explain how this search system works!
by increasing the deaths you will go climbing in the buffs
If you do 10 consecutive kills Reward: Wanted Buff lv 1
If you do 20 consecutive kills Reward: Wanted Buff lv 2
If you do 30 consecutive kills Reward: Wanted Buff lv 3
If you do 40 consecutive kills Reward: Wanted Buff lv 4
If you do 50 consecutive kills Reward: Wanted Buff lv 5
The wanted buff lasts for 8 hours, Once you die in JOB by other player in JOB, your kill count resets and the buff is removed
Seal of Star: 85+1
Seal of Moon: 85+3
Seal of Sun: 85+5
1.Obtain from 76-90 mobs and uniques
2.Open special item box from Job(You will reward a box when you rearch Job Level 7 and reset to Level 1)
New skills that deal high amount of damages. Each build has unique godsend skills.To open this skills, you need to complete quests for Skill Points.
All the balances made for these skills.

Quests : once a day
Eliminate 2x isis 1xdemon 300k sp
Eliminate 2x Selkes 1xLord 300k sp
Eliminate 2x Annubis 1x ISY 300k sp
Eliminate 2x Neith 1x Tiger Girl 300k sp
Eliminate 3x demon 200k sp
Eliminate 3x Lord 150k sp
Eliminate 3x Isy 100k sp
Eliminate 3x Uruchi 100k sp
Eliminate 3x Tiger girl 100k sp
Eliminate 3x Devil garden unique 300k sp
Eliminate 1x Roc 1x death roc 1x Viper reward 1m sp 1x immo
Active Fortress - Hotan
Registers from Monday- Friday 20:00 +8 Time.
Fortress Wartime
Saturday 20:00 GMT +8 Time.
Fortress War Kill Counter
Kill Counter is activated
Spawn Location and time: GMT+8
tiger mountain
Temple uniques spawn daidy:Selkis 10AM Neith 11AM ISIS 19PM Anubis 20PM
Roc Every Friday 9PM
BoneRoc Every Saturday 9:40PM
Viper Every Sunday 9pM
Tiger Girl/Urichi/Isyutaru/Lord Yarkan Drop 1x Global 1x Reverse 1x Arena coin
Shaitan Drop 2x Global 2x Reverse 1x Astral 2x Arena coin
Temple uniques 3x Globals 3x Reverse 3X Astral 2x Arena coins 10silks
Roc/Death Bone Roc/Medusa Drop Job/Guild Reset scrolls 5x Globals 5x Reverse 2x Sabakun Stones 1x 1D Lucky powder 20 arena coins 50silks